Teaching Excellence Academy: Professional Development Package

Carnegie Science Center’s Professional Development Package, a program of its Teaching Excellence Academy, features an array of educational opportunities for teachers to hone their skills. This subscription model offers the inside track to comprehensive professional development for educators. The one-academic-year package is customizable for schools and districts of all sizes.

Professional Development Package includes: 

• “STEM Principles” Presentation
This introductory presentation with question-and-answer time is delivered at your school to your entire staff and covers the basics defining “What is STEM.” (90-minute workshop)

• Individualized Coaching Meeting
Individualized coaching with select educators at your school by a Science Center STEM expert will help you to develop a tailored plan to strengthen your school’s STEM curriculum. (90-minute workshop)

• Half-day Teaching Excellence Academy Professional Development Workshop
Choose from an array of workshops designed to train teachers in STEM education best practices. Workshops feature project-based learning, inquiry, early learner education, gaming in the classroom, makerspace technologies, and more.

• School-Business Partnership Opportunities
We’ll provide a School-Business Partnership Guide and the opportunity for a select number of staff to attend an annual STEM educator/business networking event aimed at helping build meaningful partnerships between businesses and schools in your community.

• Educator Networking Events
Network with and learn from fellow educators at Carnegie Science Center events designed to help facilitate collaboration between educators, schools, and districts. 

• STEM Competitions Support
Interested in getting your kids involved with Carnegie Science Center STEM events or competitions? We will provide a STEM Programs staff member to visit your school to share resources and ideas to help get you started at your school. (one 90-minute visit/year)

• Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway Series and/or Educator Professional Development Workshops 
Whether you are interested in the full suite of Pathway workshops or focusing your staff’s professional growth in other areas of STEM best practices, we can accommodate you. Mix-and-match up to two full days of educator professional development for your staff’s STEM leaders.

• Online Resources for Pre- and Post- Visit Activities
Gain access to standards-aligned resources available before and after your visit to the Science Center. Materials are designed with eligible content in mind to strengthen your lesson plans.

• On-call Phone/Email Assistance
When you have a science question in the classroom or when you need lesson plan guidance, give us a call or send us an email. Our Science Educators are on-call to lend a hand, and our Teaching Excellence Academy package members will receive top priority.

Add-Ons, Offered at a Discounted Rate include: 

• Coaching visit to facilitate STEM education at your school
• Coaching visit to demonstrate digital fabrication technology at your school
• STEM parent engagement opportunity at your school
• Summer STEM learning institute
• Mobile Fab Lab visit at your school
• Mobile Fab Lab teacher professional development at your school
• Teacher professional development workshops at Carnegie Science Center
• Additional professional development workshops at your school

Add-ons are offered at 15% of the regular rate.


Package pricing varies, dependent on district’s free and reduced lunch eligibility.

For more information:

Jason Brown
Senior Director of Science and Education

Toni Stith
STEM Professional Development Coordinator